M.M.Plast have a wide range of highly-specialized products. Our experience and our recipients’ suggestions enable us to expand our offer. We produce both soles made from TR and PU materials, light PVC, styrogum, microlith, tuni leather and leather and under-soles.

We are able to make exclusive matrixes for TR, PU and light PVC soles. The above-mentioned bottoms might also be trimmed with special, durable threads or painted with a chosen color. The TR soles are also manufactured in two-color version.

The handmade soles may be produced in several ways. As far as our offer is concerned, they are accompanied by (among others):

  • leather or tuni leather rim, sewed or smooth,
  • jet of TR material or any graphic,
  • no heel (so called “szteklak”),
  • a heel (so called monoblock sole).

In the latter, the heel’s imposition might be made from impregnated masonite or styrogum.

The under-soles are made from highest-quality materials. They are characterized by freedom and movement energy, air permeance, lightness, flexibility and high stability in high-heel shoes.

All handmade soles may be laser-engraved or stamped with: Your company’s logo, sole size or a given pattern, proposed either by You or by ourselves, in accordance with strict instructions.

All soles and under-soles may be manufactured according to the client’s directives given beforehand.